WhoshouldIsee Tracks

From the 14th to till the 16th of March we exhibited at Security and Policing Expo at Farnborough. We decided to use their “pods”, which for us has always worked and worked this year. Our Business Development Manager (Philippa Tuckwell) as well as our Managing Director (David Burrows) manned the pod, walking around the show was incredibly useful to see what products are currently under development in this industry.

Here are a few takeaways from the event:

  • Enjoyed meeting/seeing a lot more international visitors than expected.
  • Our BDM found that people were much more amenable to you going and talking about your product than other shows.
  • Great opportunities to work with the Military or Government sectors.
  • The pod is perfect if you don’t necessarily have a “big” product you want to show off or if you are wanting to see if it is the show for you.

Because of the nature of the show, it is only people who have been approved by the home office, it is a good one if you are wanting to target the industry or have a product that is useful in the industry.

We found that networking with other companies, even ones we would normally not “target” helped us gain new perspectives into different market sectors, we definitely learned a lot at the show. The one major takeaway from us was that our neighbours were getting very good at the bottle flip game towards the end of the day and it was a great vibe to be around.

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