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Red Flash

Red Flash™

Deep Cycle Batteries for Marine, Specialist Vehicles, Recreational Vehicles, Solar/Wind Energy

Red Flash™ Deep Cycle Batteries, using Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, are amongst the highest quality in terms of reserve capacity, long cycle life and low internal resistance, while achieving superior cranking performance. These batteries are the smart choice for demanding recreational and industrial deep discharge applications.

Deep Cycle refers to applications that typically discharge 60-80% of the battery capacity. Deep Cycle Batteries are ideal for many applications such as Electric Vehicles, Marine & Recreational Vehicles, Solar & Wind Power, Material Handling Equipment, Aerial Work Platforms, Back Up Power, etc.

Features & Benefits

  • Robust, sealed construction, no maintenance
  • Fully absorbed electrolyte, will not leak if damaged
  • Industry-standard sizes
  • Can be fitted upright or on its side
  • Fast recharge and superior cycle performance compared to Gel alternatives
  • Good low-temperature performance
  • Non-hazardous transport by land, sea and air
  • Female terminals, cannot be snapped off
  • Supplied with additional automotive post terminals (add 18mm to the battery height)
  • Removable handles
    Red Flash™

    Red Flash™ High Rate Battery

    Red Flash™ High Rate batteries have been designed to provide the very high cranking currents needed for the engine starting from the smallest possible battery size.

    The use of Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology provides the most current transfer from the smallest battery size. Furthermore, as the electrolyte is absorbed into the plate separation material, should the battery casing become damaged there is minimal risk of damage from acid leakage.

    Features & Benefits

    • Sealed construction, no maintenance
    • Excellent shock & vibration characteristics
    • Wide operating temperature range
    • Fast recharge – no current limit providing a voltage-regulated charger is used
    • Fully absorbed electrolyte, minimal risk of leakage if damaged
    • Can be fitted upright or on its side
    • Small, slim batteries fit into restricted space
    • High cranking current provides excellent power to weight ratio
    • Ideal for engine start, especially in harsh environments
    • Non-hazardous transport by land, sea and air
      Red Flash™

      Red Flash™ Battery Charger Range

      The new Red Flash™ Battery Charger range offers a high quality, safe and effective charging system for both AGM and Gel batteries. Charging is optimised over 3 stages providing fast recharge on suitable batteries ensuring maximum battery life is achieved. These intelligent 3 stage chargers are designed for use with electrical systems commonly found in vehicle installations, onboard marine systems, workshops and industrial applications.

      The three stages offer bulk, absorption and float modes, efficiently returning the battery to full capacity before reducing the current to a level where the battery can be left on charge for an unlimited time. In-built protection for reverse polarity, short circuit, over-voltage and temperature protects the charger from misuse. When using the Red Flash™ Battery Chargers with other Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries we recommend you contact the manufacturer for their specific charging conditions.

      Features & Benefits

      • Professional design, easy installation
      • 3 stage intelligent charger
      • Universal AC input
      • Multiple LED indication
      • Fan cooling
      • Prevents battery overcharging
      • Suitable for AGM and Gel batteries
      • In-built protection features

        Red Flash™

        Red Flash™ Battery Inverter

        DMS technologies supplies pure sine wave inverters designed specially for professional applications where reliability is required. Our compact inverters produce a pure 230VAC 50Hz supply from a 12V or 24V battery bank or DC supply. The units revert to a standby mode when not in use to conserve battery power and are available with UK or EU output sockets.

        Red Flash™

        Red Flash™ Commercial Engine Start

        Manufactured in the UK and designed specifically for the professional user, the Red Flash™ Portable Power Pack range is suitable for starting most 12V and 24V engines – automotive, marine and rail. All our Portable Power Packs incorporate safety features to protect both user and vehicle.

        Surge and spike protection circuits reduce the risk of damage to the on-board electronic systems and the On/Off isolator switch means power is available only when you need it. The use of fully insulated cable clamps, welding grade cable and highest quality batteries ensure the unit can be used in the harshest conditions and can start the most stubborn of engines. The polyethene case is extremely robust and will protect the internal batteries and electronics from damage. The case is also fully resistant to oils and contamination found in workshops.

        Features & Benefits

        • Designed for professional use in applications requiring reliable engine start performance
        • On/Off isolator switch
        • Fully insulated, heavy-duty clamps
        • LED indication for charging and capacity
        • External fuse fitted to 850/1224HD/24HD models
        • Robust polyethylene case
        • Surge and spike protection
        • Reverse polarity protection
        • Full range of starter packs to satisfy commercial, leisure and heavy-duty applications
        • Optional trolley available for large models
          Red Flash™

          Red Flash™ Military Engine Start

          The Red Flash™ Portable Power Pack, using the highest grade AGM batteries, is designed to operate in the harshest environments, reliably delivering large peak currents to start all types of vehicles. The robust polyethylene outer case protects the internal batteries and electronics from damage in the field whilst also reducing the weight of the slave battery system to allow it to be fully transportable and man portable. Our equipment is now used world-wide and has a proven reliability in starting all types of military vehicles including helicopters, battle tanks, armoured vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and light aircraft.

          “DMS technologies is the leading supplier of power packs to the Hellenic market, and has supplied the Hellenic Army (Special Forces, Infantry, Armour and Artillery Directorates) from 2001. In addition to this, a number of power packs have been delivered to the Hellenic Air Force supporting Training Aircraft and Helicopters. Recently, the Hellenic Forces have purchased the Red Flash Engine Start and Portable Power Packs covering their need for quick and efficient support. We have been totally satisfied by both the products and services provided by DMS technologies. DMS technologies has been established as the most reliable power pack manufacturing company.”
          Testimonial from Lt Col Panos Vlachinos (now ret’d)

          Features & Benefits

          • Separate slave unit for 24V and 12V military vehicles
          • Operating temperature range -40°C to +50°C
          • Peak power of 11.7kW
          • Lightweight – man portable
          • Full range of output leads to suit all vehicles
          • Safety features include ON/OFF isolator switch, reverse polarity warning and surge & spike protection
          • Classified non-hazardous for land or air transportation
          • Robust, rugged polyethylene outer case resistant to field and workshop damage
          • Integral carry handle – suitable for a gloved hand
          • Full LED state of charge indication
          • Optional trolley
          • NATO codified : RF850 6140-99-549-9700
          • NATO codified : RF24HD 6140-99-736-6448
            Red Flash™

            Red Flash™ Aviation Engine Start

            The Red Flash™ Portable Power Pack has been specifically designed to provide DC power for portable turbine starting and ground power support. Available as either a single unit , RF1500, or double pack, RF3000, they will maintain a stable voltage to ensure that engines are started in the most extreme environments. Proven in use, the Red Flash™ Power Pack will start military and commercial aircraft; helicopters and other heavy-duty vehicles.

            Starting engines from on-board batteries places heavy demands on battery performance that can lead to reduced lifetime and compromise operations. The Red Flash™ Power Pack will provide reliable and portable DC power for use in the workshop or remote locations. We recommend the RF1500 single unit for smaller helicopters and light aircraft. For large turbines or for applications with very demanding, high current start sequences we recommend this Red Flash™ 3000 – Heavy Duty Dual Pack – where two RF1500 starter packs are coupled together to provide over 3000 Amps starting power.

            Features & Benefits

            • Designed for high rate engine start applications including aircraft and helicopters
            • Compatible with 28V aircraft systems
            • Parallel port – to double capacity
            • DC starting power in excess of 3000A
            • Man portable
            • Classified non-hazardous for land or air transportation
            • Operating temperature range -40°C to +50°C
            • Safety features
            • Full range of output leads and accessories available (NATO approved) to suit civil and military aircraft
            • Robust and scratch resistant powder coated stainless steel case
            • Integral carry handle
            • Can provide auxiliary power for radio, avionics and workshop
              Red Flash™

              DC-DC Converters

              These products offer a convenient way to operate mass produced 12VDC equipment such as cell phones, in-car entertainment, professional communication and telematics equipment, refrigerators, televisions etc. from the 24VDC mobile electrical systems found on diesel engine vehicles and vessels. All of our DC-DC Converters consume an offload current of less than 15mA, which is often less than the self-discharge current of the vehicle’s battery.

              In most cases this can be ignored, speeding the installation by removing the need to fit an isolator switch. All products fit onto a ‘Click ‘n’ Fit’ mounting clip which is fixed in three points allowing it to be mounted on uneven surfaces. It is easy to fit the clip into awkward places and then simply click the unit into position. A red LED indicates when there is output from the converter. This gives reassurance to the installation engineer and speeds fault finding.

              Features & Benefits

              • A comprehensive range of voltages and current ratings available
              • Quick and easy installation
              • IP53 – sealed and robust construction
              • Very high MTBF
              • High Efficiency
              • 3 points mounting for installation on uneven surfaces


              • Emergency Service Vehicles
              • Solar & Wind Installations
              • Marine Systems
              • Defence Vehicles
              • Telecommunications
                Red Flash™

                Rail Products

                DMS technologies has supplied the rail industry with batteries for over 20 years. We are the UK’s foremost authority on Cyclon batteries and have worked with Network Rail companies to develop and supply batteries and systems for both infrastructure and on-board applications. Using a modular approach DMS technologies has Network Rail approval for point end switching, level crossing and general signalling batteries and battery/charger systems. Using our experience we are able to provide technical assistance to supply up to date, modern solutions to replace historical inefficient battery and power equipment. DMS technologies is the only UK company approved to supply Enersys Cyclon Battery Packs to the rail market.
                Click here to visit the Rail products including Chargers, Power Supplies for Axle Counters and Rectifiers  on the Duvine website.

                Small Point End Switching

                Up to 6 ends

                DMS technologies is able to provide a Red Flash battery capable of operating up to 6 ends simultaneously. Comprising 57 x 5Ah Cyclon Cells mounted in a steel easy to install tray. PADS No. 0054/003080.

                Together with the above 120V 5Ah battery DMS technologies has an approved battery and charger kit using a Network Rail approved 120V 5A Charger. PADS No. 0086/001851.

                Large Point End Switching

                Up to 11 ends

                For up to 11 ends simultaneous operation, DMS technologies can provide a solution based on a 25Ah Cyclon battery mounted in 5 convenient steel modules. PADS No. 0086/003115.A large Point End Switching battery and Charger Kit using a 120V 25Ah battery and an approved 120V 5A Charger is also available, PADS No. 0086/001852.

                Level Crossing

                Level Crossing Battery or Battery & Charger Kit

                Our 150Ah 24V battery comprises 6 x 24V modules connected in parallel to achieve the total capacity. Each module contains 12 x 2V cells in a steel case with a clear Perspex lid. PADS No. 0086/023864.The level crossing battery and charger kit incorporates the battery set above with the addition of a PADS-approved Duvine 24V charger : PADS No. 086 / 001853.

                Red Flash™ Signalling Batteries

                12V Signalling Batteries : 8Ah, 25Ah and 50Ah

                Based on the low maintenance Lead Acid Cyclon battery, DMS technologies has 3 Network Rail approved Red Flash batteries.
                Nominal 12V 8Ah. PADS No. 0088/08954.
                Nominal 12V 25Ah. PADS No. 0088/088953.
                Nominal 12V 50Ah. PADS No. 0094/021053.

                Red Flash™

                Portable Power

                At DMS technologies we understand the difficulties of working with power in the field. Man-portable equipment is only helpful if it is usable. We will work with you to discuss, for example, what weight is acceptable, carrying arrangements and if the equipment can be housed within a trolley style case. With our extensive experience of extreme environments, we can also work with you on suitable handles, connectors and leads.

                The packs can be smaller with a link cable to increase overall capacity, giving the same or better performance in units which are easier to handle. Cables can be designed to store in the case, either in a recess or, where required, in a lid-mounted pocket. Cases can be stackable to aid both transportation and space reduction. We are able to offer various re-charging solutions compatible with the application which can include, for example, a combination of mains voltage, on-board vehicle and photovoltaic systems.

                Red Flash RF44DC

                A 12V 44Ah remote portable power supply with a wide operating temperature from -20°C to +50°C weighing only 19kgs and housed in a NATO codified watertight case. Fitted with a battery protection system. Dimensions (lxwxh) 474 x 415 x 149mm

                Red Flash RF22DC

                A 24V 22Ah remote portable power supply with a wide operating temperature from -20°C to +50°C weighing only 19kgs and housed in a NATO codified watertight case. Fitted with a battery protection system. Dimensions (lxwxh) 474 x 415 x 149mm

                  MiniGun Slave Battery Pack Mk2

                  The Mini-Gun slave battery Mk2 was specifically designed to power the 6-barrel Dillon Aero M134D Mini-Gun used by the Royal Navy.

                  Designed to withstand constant use within an extreme marine environment, the unit is contained in a robust housing and sealed to IP67.

                  This compact, portable system features an environmentally protected, externally mounted switch with LED indication, a 50A re-settable fuse and a military specification output connector, allowing the unit to operate whilst sealed.

                  The unit operates at 24V and is capable of continuously supplying over 600W of power, driving the barrel and ammunition feed motors.

                  In the event of a gun jam the re-settable fuse will trip within 20 milliseconds to avoid damage to the gun and associated equipment.

                  • NSN Reference (UK) 6130-99-171-2480
                  • Voltage 24V nominal
                  • Capacity 26Ah (10hr rate)
                  • Max output current (continuous) 50A (fuse protected)
                  • Max peak current 400A (1second)
                  • Output connector MIL-D-STL-5015 with cap
                  • State of Charge Indication 4 LED display with push to test button
                  • Charging voltage (CV) 14.7V – 15.0V (from the recommended charger only)
                  • Max charge current 16A
                  • Resettable Fuse 50A circuit breaker
                  • Indicators Power on (external), SOC/charge/reverse (Internal inside lid)
                  • Operating temperature range -46°C to +71°C
                  • Storage temperature range -46°C to +71°C
                  • Shelf life 18 months at 25°C (from full charge)
                  • Ingress protection (Case) IP67 when closed (1M submersion for 30 minutes)
                  • Case 1430 Peli case
                  • Dimensions 344 x 146 x 297mm
                  • Weight : Powerpack & Lead Assy. 27kg
                  • Mounting bracket 5kg
                  • Features Rubberised handle, large ABS locking clips


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