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Reliable power in the field

Whether it is high-end technology or “Squaddie proof” robust equipment to survive the toughest environments, our proven track record in supplying military power systems has our equipment serving with various armed forces all over the world.

As specialists in portable engine starting equipment, our NATO codified engine slave start packs are used on contract with the UK MoD and various military organisations around the globe. We worked with the Royal Navy to specially design and test packs to power Miniguns mounted on decks. We continue to serve this requirement with contracts running on Exostar P2P for both New Equipment and Maintenance contracts.

Designing bespoke and modified off-the-shelf power systems, we work with you to choose the best technology and best design for the application. This can be from specialist batteries, small battery packs and man-portable remote power supplies.

Military Engine Start

Aviation Engine Start

Portable Power

Custom Military


Custom Military

We have an established heritage in the military, government and security markets and have designed and specified battery solutions in applications including Engine Slave Starting, Generators, Portable Field Power, Body Worn Equipment, Solar Power, Aircraft Starting, powering Mini-Guns and many more.

We employ both engineers and salespeople who have a working knowledge of how to design products that are ready to be put in service on the front line. We will work with you to understand the operational requirements, as well as work through NDA’s, testing, delivery schedules and through-life support.

We understand that in today’s tough market place costs need to be reduced without compromising on quality. We work with a wide range of chemistries and look to offer, where appropriate, a number of options covering these different chemistries. This allows you, the customer, to choose your favoured solution based on the benefits of each. Our established contacts across the industry mean that we are at the leading edge of available technologies and can often reduce costs on new and existing projects.


Military Engine Start

The Red Flash™ Portable Power Pack, using the highest grade AGM batteries, is designed to operate in the harshest environments, reliably delivering large peak currents to start all types of vehicles. The robust polyethylene outer case protects the internal batteries and electronics from damage in the field whilst also reducing the weight of the slave battery system to allow it to be fully transportable and man portable. Our equipment is now used world-wide and has a proven reliability in starting all types of military vehicles including helicopters, battle tanks, armoured vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and light aircraft.

Main Benefits

  • Separate slave unit for 24V and 12V military vehicles
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to +50°C
  • Peak power of 11.7kW
  • Lightweight – man portable
  • Full range of output leads to suit all vehicles
  • Safety features include ON/OFF isolator switch, reverse polarity warning and surge & spike protection
  • Classified non-hazardous for land or air transportation


  • Robust, rugged polyethylene outer case resistant to field and workshop damage
  • Integral carry handle – suitable for a gloved hand
  • Full LED state of charge indication
  • Optional trolley
  • NATO codified : RF850 6140-99-549-9700
  • NATO codified : RF24HD 6140-99-736-6448

MiniGun Slave Battery Pack Mk2

The Mini-Gun slave battery Mk2 was specifically designed to power the 6-barrel Dillon Aero M134D Mini-Gun used by the Royal Navy. Designed to withstand constant use within an extreme marine environment, the unit is contained in a robust housing and sealed to IP67. This compact, portable system features an environmentally protected, externally mounted switch with LED indication, a 50A re-settable fuse and a military specification output connector, allowing the unit to operate whilst sealed. The unit operates at 24V and is capable of continuously supplying over 600W of power, driving the barrel and ammunition feed motors. In the event of a gun jam the re-settable fuse will trip within 20 milliseconds to avoid damage to the gun and associated equipment.

  • NSN Reference (UK) 6130-99-171-2480
  • Voltage 24V nominal
  • Capacity 26Ah (10hr rate)
  • Max output current (continuous) 50A (fuse protected)
  • Max peak current 400A (1second)
  • Output connector MIL-D-STL-5015 with cap
  • State of Charge Indication 4 LED display with push to test button
  • Charging voltage (CV) 14.7V – 15.0V (from the recommended charger only)
  • Max charge current 16A
  • Resettable Fuse 50A circuit breaker
  • Indicators Power on (external), SOC/charge/reverse (Internal inside lid)
  • Operating temperature range -46°C to +71°C
  • Storage temperature range -46°C to +71°C
  • Shelf life 18 months at 25°C (from full charge)
  • Ingress protection (Case) IP67 when closed (1M submersion for 30 minutes)
  • Case 1430 Peli case
  • Dimensions 344 x 146 x 297mm
  • Weight : Powerpack & Lead Assy. 27kg
  • Mounting bracket 5kg
  • Features Rubberised handle, large ABS locking clips

DMS technologies is the leading supplier of power packs to the Hellenic market, and has supplied the Hellenic Army (Special Forces, Infantry, Armour and Artillery Directorates) from 2001. In addition to this, a number of power packs have been delivered to the Hellenic Air Force supporting Training Aircraft and Helicopters. Recently, the Hellenic Forces have purchased the Red Flash Engine Start and Portable Power Packs covering their need for quick and efficient support. We have been totally satisfied by both the products and services provided by DMS technologies. DMS technologies has been established as the most reliable power pack manufacturing company.

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