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With over 35 years of experience we understand that today’s industrial market requires more than just a battery supplier. Successful organisations require a power systems company who fully understand their requirements and provide solutions that combine physical, electrical and financial demands. We have experience in a range of Industrial applications supplying different solutions ranging from standard batteries to custom-built power solutions.

We focus on quality products and customer service. We concentrate our resources on applications where reliability is key and where our engineering experience can aid our customers in achieving the best possible solution combining cost, quality and availability.

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Custom Industrial

We have an established heritage in industrial markets and have placed battery solutions into applications including Switch Tripping, Medical Devices, Solar Powered Equipment, Utilities Projects, Electronic Devices and many more.

We understand that in today’s tough market place costs need to be reduced without compromising on quality. We work with a wide range of chemistries and look to offer, where appropriate, a number of options covering these different chemistries. This allows you, the customer, to choose your favoured solution based on the benefits of each. Our established contacts across the industry mean that we are at the leading edge of available technologies and can often reduce costs on new and existing projects.

With a large manufacturing site in Hampshire, UK we are able to offer both short and long production runs. This means we can build any quantity from small numbers for prototype designs or small production batches to large production runs to match a roll out project schedule.


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