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We are the home of ground support to the aviation market, supplying both ground power units and a range of ground support equipment. With over 35 years in the battery industry, we are the original UK manufacturer of professional jump start equipment. Our range of batteries, ground power units and ancillary items are all to the highest quality. Whether you are the owner of a small aircraft or microlight, or a large organisation or MoD with a fleet of aircraft, we know the importance of providing equipment to the very high standard of the aviation market

Our Varley Red Top and Varley Lithium batteries have been approved for Light Aircraft (LAA) and Microlights (BMAA) – please go to the Aviation page at www.varleyredtop.com.

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Aviation Engine Start

The Red Flash™ Portable Power Pack has been specifically designed to provide DC power for portable turbine starting and ground power support. Available as either a single unit , RF1500, or double pack, RF3000, they will maintain a stable voltage to ensure that engines are started in the most extreme environments.

Proven in use, the Red Flash™ Power Pack will start military and commercial aircraft; helicopters and other heavy-duty vehicles. Starting engines from on-board batteries places heavy demands on battery performance that can lead to reduced lifetime and compromise operations.

The Red Flash™ Power Pack will provide reliable and portable DC power for use in the workshop or remote locations. We recommend the RF1500 single unit for smaller helicopters and light aircraft. For large turbines or for applications with very demanding, high current start sequences we recommend this Red Flash™ 3000 – Heavy Duty Dual Pack – where two RF1500 starter packs are coupled together to provide over 3000 Amps starting power.


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