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About DMS technologies

Duvine Ltd is a Suffolk based company with over 30 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing DC power systems and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems for many different industries.

We are leading power specialists, designing and manufacturing products from simple batteries to full power solutions, we work with our sister company Duvine to give you a complete solution.


Our purpose-built 18000sq.ft manufacturing and assembly facility in Romsey, Hampshire features both long run and small batch production lines. We design, develop, manufacture and test specialist sophisticated DC power systems. Our test & development section and warehouse is sufficient to meet the varying demands encountered when dealing with standard and custom-built products.

Reseach and Design

We have a long history of designing, prototyping and manufacturing fully engineered solutions. Our Design & Engineering department has the capability and facilities, including the latest CAD software, to provide effective designs and prototypes. Whether you just require advice, a full feasibility study or a full production built bespoke system, we are here to help you.


Our scalable processes allow us to accommodate projects of any size, which means we are constantly able to scale up our operations with our ever-growing business. Our experienced staff work utilising our extremely high-quality procedures exceeding our ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification to produce very high-quality products.

Distribution, Branding & Relationships

With a wide range of market sectors covered by our products, we work hard to build relationships with distributors, agents and OEM’s both to help increase business but also to protect existing customers. We are also experienced in branding products so that you can add our equipment to your existing brands.


We are the original professional jump-start pack manufacturer in the UK. Starting as the Value Added Distributor for Enersys in the UK, we have grown to be well respected in the industry. We are now distributors for the majority of major battery manufacturers, including Lifeline, Tadiran, Yuasa and our own Red Flash brand. 

Quality Assurance and After Sales Support

We know that no matter who the customer or how big the budget, quality is always a must. Exceeding the requirements of our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, quality control is a part of every procedure. Our company is built on relationships with customers and we work to make sure you get the very best product every time.




Years Of Experience

Sq.ft Manufacturing & Assembly Facility


Case Studies

Lithium Battery for Formula 1

Following a recommendation from a major research agency, we were requested by a UK-based Formula 1 team to provide a lithium battery solution to power the fuel pump, telemetry systems and voice communications. A 13.2V 2.3Ah Lithium Nanophosphate re-chargeable battery was assembled using A123 cells. Due to various vibration and temperature concerns, particular attention had to be taken when designing, specifying materials and assembling the packs.

NiMH Battery Packs for Navigation

This particular contract was the result of a company looking to re-shore battery pack assembly from the Far East, allowing for faster turn-around and smaller production batches.  We were able to provide the batteries to a high standard and at a competitive price too.

Lithium Battery Pack for a Sub-Sea application

A petrochemical company had a requirement for a 21.6V 342Ah Lithium Thionyl Chloride pack to be assembled in a hexagonal, layered format.  This involved the assembly of 104 cells in three layers with each parallel string being diode protected. The system operates at a low temperature, averaging around 9oC and the load current is continuously fluctuating. 

High-Rate Battery Pack for UK MoD

The MoD purchase Dillon-Aero M134 Miniguns for ship protection and anti-piracy operations. Our 24V 26Ah solution has been environmentally tested for operation in extreme conditions. The defence standard tests included; ship vibration at –46oC and +71oC, salt mist, freezing rain and live fire and endurance test. The unit has been rated to IP 67, which means it is fully submersible for 30 minutes at 1m.

Refurbished Battery Pack for SARBE Beacon

This was in conjunction with an urgent requirement to extend the operational life of some older RAF aircraft to take up the slack caused by delays to the delivery of replacement types.  Speed of turnaround within budget were critical factors.

High-Rate Discharge / Fast Recharge Battery Pack

This requirement called for a maximum power discharge of 6100W at a minimum discharge voltage of 45VDC to provide 2 discharge durations of 15 secs and 2 discharge durations of 7.5 secs before re-charge. Recharging had to be possible from either a 230VAC or 24VDC supply.  As the systems had to be transportable by either civilian or military aircraft, the NiMH chemistry was the most suitable.

Telecom 19” Battery Rack

The 4.5Ah 48V 19” 1U tray was to be installed as part of a portable telecommunications system for use in tropical environments. The temperature requirements were very demanding and we, therefore, specified the Cyclon cells. To maintain the life expectancy of the pack, temperature compensation and symmetry were installed within the tray.

Red Flash™ Deep Cycle

An organisation refurbishing large, trailer-based, filtration systems approached DMS technologies to replace the existing wet batteries. The Red Flash™ DC31 was suggested, as these batteries retain more than 70% of their charge over a 9-month storage period. The further demand was the temperature operating range and once refurbished the trailer entered an environmental chamber for testing. The system was tested between -15 and +45oC with the batteries performing excellently throughout, exceeding all expectations.

Lithium Battery for Switch Tripping

Due to our close relationship with a switch-tripping manufacturer, DMS technologies were approached to build replacement Lithium Primary Battery Packs. Two packs were built for each system and installed using the end-users existing metal work. As the original packs predated the introduction of UN testing, DMS technologies undertook the highly demanding testing in order to meet the required approvals.

Portable AC Power Packs

DMS technologies were approached to custom design a portable power pack for use with communications equipment. The end-user had some very ambitious ideas for the application including a high operating temperature (+55oC), a range of outputs including AC and DC, and the ability to charge through a flexible solar panel. Our Engineering team worked very hard to meet all of the requirements and provided a solution that was man-portable with a very robust finish. Feedback has been very positive and the end-user is looking at expanding the unit’s use to other areas of their business.

Wide Input Charger for Trains

DMS technologies were approached by one of the UK’s largest transport companies to provide a solution for charging batteries on board trains. The requirement was to charge large banks of auxiliary batteries that were either GEL or NiCd technology. Due to the environment, the chargers need to accept a wide input, single-phase AC supply. Our Engineering team built a brand new solution while regularly reviewing progress with the customer. Various indicators were provided to aid the operation of the charger and it was designed to be robust due to the nature of rail depots.

Remote Security Station

Through our links with the UK MOD we were asked to provide a power solution for a remote security and monitoring station. The deep cycle Lifeline™ batteries were combined with an LPG generator and custom-built controller to provide many months of operation between refuelling. The system is designed to manage battery usage and charging in order to extend the life of the batteries whilst minimising LPG usage. Using DMS expertise we have reduced the through life costs of both the batteries and fuel consumption. Future development plans include looking at silent running through the night.


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