Red Flash

DMS technologies designs and manufacturers a wide range of products at our facility in Hampshire. Many of these products are built under our own Red Flash™ brand, while we also build a number of products under different brands for third parties. Please find below a selection of our Red Flash products.

Red Flash Deep Cycle

Our deep cycle AGM range offers a cost effective alternative whilst maintaining a high cycle life…. More Info >

Red Flash High Rate

AGM batteries perfect for engine start and high rate applications…. More Info >


We can offer a range of voltages and currents to suit most battery applications…. More Info >


Available with various input and output voltages, perfect for remote or portable AC power…. More Info >

Commercial Engine Start

As the original UK manufacturer our wide range of packs cover all engines from small petrol to larg… More Info >

Military Engine Start

Our NATO codified products are proven to work both in the heat of desert and the cold of the Arctic… More Info >

Aviation Engine Start

Our NATO codified ground power units are proven in the field as a high-level aviation starter pack…. More Info >

Portable Power

With a range of voltages & outputs our portable power solutions are perfect for users requiring rel… More Info >

Engine Start Accessories

Leads, chargers and other accessories for our powerpacks… More Info >

Rail Products

We offer both on board and trackside battery solutions…. More Info >

Low Voltage Disconnect

Protecting batteries from damage through deep discharge by disconnecting loads at low voltage…. More Info >

Split Chargers

5V USB Chargers
5V USB Chargers for phones, tablets etc…. More Info >

DC-DC Converters

Covering a wide range of voltages and currents for a multitude of applications…. More Info >

Vehicle Engine Start

Designed for 12V & 24V engine starting, these are ideal for support vehicles as well as R22s and mi… More Info >

Power Supplies

100A & 220W Power Supplies suitable for many industrial applications…. More Info >