Red Flash Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep Cycle Batteries for Marine, Specialist Vehicles, Recreational Vehicles, Solar/Wind Energy


Red Flash™ Deep Cycle Batteries, using Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, are amongst the highest quality in terms of reserve capacity, long cycle life and low internal resistance, while achieving superior cranking performance. These batteries are the smart choice for demanding recreational and industrial deep discharge applications.

Deep Cycle refers to applications that typically discharge 60-80% of the battery capacity. Deep Cycle Batteries are ideal for many applications such as Electric Vehicles, Marine & Recreational Vehicles, Solar & Wind Power, Material Handling Equipment, Aerial Work Platforms, Back Up Power, etc.


  • Robust, sealed construction, no maintenance
  • Fully absorbed electrolyte, will not leak if damaged
  • Industry standard sizes
  • Can be fitted upright or on its side
  • Fast recharge and superior cycle performance compared to Gel alternatives
  • Good low temperature performance
  • Non-hazardous transport by land, sea and air
  • Female terminals, cannot be snapped off
  • Supplied with additional automotive post terminals (add 18mm to the battery height)
  • Removable handles

Red Flash Deep Cycle Datasheet