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DMS technologies has supplied the rail industry with batteries for over 20 years. We are the UK’s foremost authority on Cyclon batteries and have worked with Network Rail companies to develop and supply batteries and systems for both infrastructure and on-board applications. Using a modular approach DMS technologies has Network Rail approval for point end switching, level crossing and general signalling batteries and battery/charger systems. Using our experience we are able to provide technical assistance to supply up to date, modern solutions to replace historical inefficient battery and power equipment. DMS technologies is the only UK company approved to supply Enersys Cyclon Battery Packs to the rail market.
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Small point end switching system

Small Point End Switching
Up to 6 ends

DMS technologies is able to provide a Red Flash battery capable of operating up to 6 ends simultaneously. Comprising 57 x 5Ah Cyclon Cells mounted in a steel easy to install tray. PADS No. 0054/003080.

Together with the above 120V 5Ah battery DMS technologies has an approved battery and charger kit using a Network Rail approved 120V 5A Charger. PADS No. 0086/001851.


Small Point End Switching Datasheet

Large point end switching system
Large Point End Switching
Up to 11 ends
For up to 11 ends simultaneous operation, DMS technologies can provide a solution based on a 25Ah Cyclon battery mounted in 5 convenient steel modules. PADS No. 0086/003115.A large Point End Switching battery and Charger Kit using a 120V 25Ah battery and an approved 120V 5A Charger is also available, PADS No. 0086/001852.

Large Point End Switching Datasheet

Level crossing battery system

Level Crossing
Level Crossing Battery or Battery & Charger KitOur 150Ah 24V battery comprises 6 x 24V modules connected in parallel to achieve the total capacity. Each module contains 12 x 2V cells in a steel case with a clear Perspex lid. PADS No. 0086/023864.The level crossing battery and charger kit incorporates the battery set above with the addition of a PADS-approved Duvine 24V charger : PADS No. 086 / 001853.

Level Crossing Datasheet

12V 8Ah, 25Ah and 50Ah signalling batteries

Red Flash™ Signalling Batteries
12V Signalling Batteries : 8Ah, 25Ah and 50Ah

Based on the low maintenance Lead Acid Cyclon battery, DMS technologies has 3 Network Rail approved Red Flash batteries.
Nominal 12V 8Ah. PADS No. 0088/08954.
Nominal 12V 25Ah. PADS No. 0088/088953.
Nominal 12V 50Ah. PADS No. 0094/021053.

Advantages of the Red Flash Battery include:
· Wide operating temperature
· Good resilience to shock and vibration
· Easy to install
· Low maintenance
· Portable


Signalling Batteries Datasheet