Aviation Engine Start


Model reference 7204-0014 includes both Croc-clip & Aviation Connector leads as shown

The Red Flash™ Portable Power Pack has been specifically designed to provide DC power for portable turbine starting and ground power support. Available as either a single unit , RF1500, or double pack, RF3000, they will maintain a stable voltage to ensure that engines are started in the most extreme environments. Proven in use, the Red Flash™ Power Pack will start military and commercial aircraft; helicopters and other heavy-duty vehicles. Starting engines from on-board batteries places heavy demands on battery performance that can lead to reduced lifetime and compromise operations. The Red Flash™ Power Pack will provide reliable and portable DC power for use in the workshop or remote locations. We recommend the RF1500 single unit for smaller helicopters and light aircraft. For large turbines or for applications with very demanding, high current start sequences we recommend this Red Flash™ 3000 – Heavy Duty Dual Pack – where two RF1500 starter packs are coupled together to provide over 3000 Amps starting power.

Main Benefits

  • Designed for high rate engine start applications including aircraft and helicopters
  • Compatible with 28V aircraft systems
  • Parallel port – to double capacity
  • DC starting power in excess of 3000A
  • Man portable
  • Classified non-hazardous for land or air transportation
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to +50°C
  • Safety features


  • Full range of output leads and accessories available (NATO approved) to suit civil and military aircraft
  • Robust and scratch resistant powder coated stainless steel case
  • Integral carry handle
  • Can provide auxiliary power for radio, avionics and workshop

Aviation Engine Start


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