Nickel Metal Hydride


Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries became commercially available in the late 80’s and have become a popular lightweight battery solution. Lighter than lead acid batteries whilst being cheaper and safer than Lithium variants, NiMH is not just a good compromise but also a strong battery chemistry in its own right.


  • Weight – usually lighter than VRLA alternatives.
  • Good cycle life.
  • Cost – cheaper than lithium.
  • Environment – does not contain the toxic materials present in NiCd cells.
  • Safety – NiMH is an intrinsically safe chemistry and thus does not have any special shipping requirements. DMS technologies always provide battery packs with the required safety devices installed.


  • Charging – requires specialist charging solutions which DMS technologies is able to provide.
  • Charge retention – NiMH does self discharge quicker than other chemistries, however they will recover after charging.
  • Temperature – NiMH does not perform very well below 0°C.

As an independent supplier from any single chemistry or brand, DMS technologies can offer different solutions utilising the different chemistries allowing you to decide between the benefits of all the options.



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