Lithium Product


DMS technologies is experienced in building Lithium batteries and battery packs for a wide range of applications. Our experience is with a wide range of chemistries from various manufacturers and we build both primary and rechargeable products. At our facility in Hampshire we are set up to assemble Lithium cells into ABS cases providing a drop in replacement to lead acid products. These battery blocks can contain the cell management and protection, maximising the advantages of Lithium while minimising any changes to the existing solution. Please contact us with your current specification and we can look at direct Lithium alternatives.

With over 25 years experience in building battery packs DMS technologies can assist you in the design and manufacturing of Lithium rechargeable battery packs for a wide range of applications. Trusted by customers in Formula 1, Oil & Gas and Military we can build high specification, reliable, Lithium battery packs to match your specific requirements. As an independent we will also look across the market to find the most suitable chemistry and manufacturer for your technical requirements.

Lithium battery designs must undergo UN testing in order for them to be transported and there are very few exceptions to these regulations.

We are one of the UK assemblers for Tadiran primary (non-rechargeable) Lithium Thionyl Chloride cells. These cells offer an incredibly high energy density, long shelf life and wide operating temperature range. These cells are ideal for applications such as meters, remote monitoring and tracking systems.

See latest IATA transportation guidelines here