Deep Cycle & Starter Batteries for Marine, Emergency Services & Leisure Applications


Developed by the Concorde Battery Corporation in the USA, Lifeline Batteries are a direct spin-off from Concorde’s industry leading aerospace battery range. Lifeline Batteries have earned global recognition as the premium AGM battery technology meeting the rigorous demands of a wide range of applications. DMS technologies is proud to have been a distributor of this premium brand for over 2 decades.

Lifeline™ batteries have been designed for good all-round performance and extended cycle life. They are ideal for all service load and starting requirements in yachts and commercial craft. Due to their excellent performance, Lifeline™ batteries are ideal for emergency services, military and recreational vehicles.  Read here about our recent experience with a leading UK ambulance service.

Follow this link to read about a customer’s experience using Lifeline batteries in Kazakhstan.

Features & Benefits

  • Sealed construction, no maintenance
  • Excellent shock & vibration characteristics
  • Industry standard sizes
  • Fully absorbed electrolyte will not leak if damaged
  • Can be fitted upright or on its side
  • Fast recharge – no current limit providing a voltage-regulated charger is used
  • Increased capacity against size
  • Up to twice as many cycles as Gel batteries
  • Can be stored for up to 2 years at 25°C before recharge (from fully charged)

Deep Cycle Applications

  • Telecommunications – Outside Plant
  • Telecommunications – Wireless
  • Cable TV
  • Electric Utility/Switchgear
  • Offshore & Leisure Activities
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Emergency Services


* The GPL-1400T is a starter battery whereas the other models in our range are Deep Cycle batteries.

Please note that the maximum discharge current in the above table is measured at 20°C @ 30secs


Lifeline Batteries Datasheet