Hyperdrive Lithium Battery

Rechargeable Deep Cycle Lithium BatteryOil & Gas, Sub-sea, Smart Meters & Other Industrial Applications

Hyperdrive 100Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery with Built-in BMS

Hyperdrive’s 12V Li-ion Module is a flexible, high energy density battery containing lightweight lithium polymer pouch cells. Modules can be used independently to provide 12V 100Ah portable power supply or can be connected in series and parallel to meet the deep cycle requirements of a range of electric vehicles, industrial equipment, marine vessels and on-grid energy storage systems.

Each module has an integrated Battery Management System (BMS) for automated cell balancing, pack health monitoring and self-protection. The BMS is CAN enabled to allow multiple packs to be connected to each other and behave as a single pack. Data can then be accessed with the pack retaining a log of discharge cycles and error conditions. The BMS controls charging meaning that they can be charged using existing lead acid battery chargers or fast charged in just one hour using a recommended charger, the inbuilt Battery Fuel Gauge provides continuous state of charge data.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight – only 13.2kg
  • 6,000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge
  • Battery Fuel Gauge
  • Integrated, Self-protecting, Battery Management System
  • Very Low BMS Current Drain
  • UN 38.3 Certified


  • Electric Vehicles
  • Defence Installations
  • Renewable Power
  • Portable Power Supply
  • Marine Vessels
  • Auxiliary Vehicle Power

Hyperdrive Battery Datasheet