Duvine Limited was acquired by DMS technologies in 2014 and designs, manufactures and supplies DC power products under the Duvine brand.  As the European distributor for Rectifier Technologies telecoms power modules we can supply and support products from Rectifier Technologies group.DD820 Axle Counter Power SupplyDouble cabinet, multi-zone Cathodic Protection


Our Product Portfolio includes:

• Power Systems Modules
• Battery Chargers
• Cathodic Protection Modules & Systems
• DC Power Supplies
• Telecoms Power Supplies
• DC Power Systems for Rail Infrastructure


Standard Products

Our range of standard products are available under both the Duvine and Rectifier Technologies brands.  These standard products are flexible enough to cater for common variations in customer requirements, ensuring a cost effective solution and short lead time. If you are interested in our standard product range, please visit the product section of our website.


Custom Solutions

Duvine Limited also offers technically innovative custom solutions by utilizing the experience and expertise gained in the design and supply of high volume network infrastructure products.  If you require a custom solution then please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Our Vision

To offer advanced energy systems solutions to the global market for Transportation, Communication, Oil & Gas, and Structural Corrosion Protection power solutions.


Environmental Policy

We have a dedicated environmental policy which controls our activities and impact on the environment.


Duvine™ is a registered trademark of Duvine Limited


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