Custom Military

Custom Military


DMS technologies appreciate that today’s market requires more than just a battery supplier. Successful organisations require a battery partner to fully understand their requirements and provide appropriate solutions. As an independent supplier we will evaluate your requirement and look to balance quality, performance and cost to provide you with the best solution for your needs.

With an established heritage in the military, government and security markets DMS technologies has designed and specified battery solutions in applications including Engine Slave Starting, Generators, Portable Field Power, Body Worn Equipment, Solar Power, Aircraft Starting, powering Mini-Guns and many more.

With our heritage in supplying military ready equipment, we employ both engineers and sales people who have a working knowledge of how to design products that are ready to be put in service on the front line. We will work with you to understand the operational requirements, as well as work through NDA’s, testing, delivery schedules and through life support.

We understand that in today’s tough market place costs need to be reduced without compromising on quality. We work with a wide range of chemistries and look to offer, where appropriate, a number of options covering these different chemistries. This allows you, the customer, to choose your favoured solution based on the benefits of each. Our established contacts across the industry mean that we are at the leading edge of available technologies and can often reduce costs on new and existing projects.

With a large manufacturing site in Hampshire, UK we are able to offer both short and long production runs. This means we can build any quantity from small numbers for prototype designs or small production batches to large production runs to match a roll out project schedule.


Some examples of our custom build projects can be found in our case studies here.

See our case study regarding remote, secure CCTV here.

See our case study regarding a safe haven for ship or rig crews in the face of hijacking here.

See our case study regarding a bespoke battery pack for border monitoring equipment in the Middle East here.


We are keen to discuss your customer project with you, complete our “Request a Ring Back” form below and we’ll ‘phone you back as soon as possible. Our sales staff are pleased to visit you and we are extremely proud of our site so please contact us to book an introduction and tour.