Consultancy / R&D


Here at DMS technologies we are proud of our UK heritage for engineered and built products. With a proven history and experienced sales and engineering teams, we use a high level of engineering combined with market understanding to produce products that are proven to work in the application.  For specialist projects using new technologies that operate in extreme environments it is often necessary to employ a full Research and Development programme. Our experience in the field allows for us to provide a range of R&D steps to make sure that you receive the most accurate information and the best products possible.


In House Test Facilities
Here at DMS we have a range of charging and discharging test facilities as well as the capability of creating specialist testing rigs for your specific development needs. With a strong team of engineers and technicians, real life and industry standard tests are all possible. Where external test-houses are required we can identify the most relevant facility and liaise with their personnel to undertake the necessary tests.
New Technologies
As well as our own and customer driven product development, we aim to be at the forefront of the latest technologies. As such we test emerging products such as lithium and metal-air batteries for their quality, performance and limitations so that we can continue to give you independent and comprehensive support.

Case Studies

Case Studies