Case Studies

Case Studies

To discuss your specific custom battery requirements please call us +44 (0) 1794 525400 or email with the power details, dimensions etc and we will get back to you.


Specialist Emergency Lighting Battery Pack
This was a recent requirement to re-engineer batteries for use with emergency lighting in a complex environment. Apart from the need to meet voltage and capacity specifications, the battery packs had to be built to very tight dimension tolerances. This was achieved with little fuss and operational disruption.


Aviation Location Beacon Battery (RAF)


In order to extend the service life of the RAF’s L-1011 TriStars whilst awaiting the arrival of the Voyager Tanker/Transport and the Airbus A400M there was a requirement to replace the batteries for the SARBE beacons. We were approached to design and supply a replace fit-form-function replacement in good time to ensure that the existing fleet remained operational at a critical time.


Portable Scientific Analyser Battery


We were approached by a scientific research organisation to provide a more cost-effective battery solution for an item of specialist equipment. Not only were we able to reduce the unit cost but we improved their time from order to delivery.


Lithium Battery Pack for a Sub-Sea application


Sub-sea lithium battery pack

A petrochemical company had a requirement for a 21.6V 342Ah Lithium Thionyl Chloride pack to be assembled in a hexagonal, layered format. This involved the assembly of 104 cells in three layers with each parallel string being diode protected. The system operates at a low temperature, averaging around 9⁰C and the load current is continuously fluctuating. This meant extra consideration had to be taken in the design, with Lithium being favoured due to its high energy density and lightweight.


Switch tripping Lithium Battery
Due to our close relationship with a switch-tripping manufacturer, DMS technologies were approached to build replacement Lithium Primary Battery Packs. Two packs were built for each system and installed using the end users existing metal work. As the original packs pre-dated the introduction of UN testing, DMS technologies undertook the highly demanding testing in order to meet required approvals.


Secure Connectivity wherever Work Takes You

Grab & Go” portable Wi-Fi systems

We have designed a range of Peli cases containing 3G/4G routers, load balancing and bonding equipment and a WiFi Access Point. This mobile connectivity solution can support any number of users with web browsing and email access. Each watertight, crushproof, dustproof unit is supplied with a selection of 3G/4G SIMs to ensure that you are always able to access the strongest service.