Ancillaries required to complete your electrical installation include mains chargers to inverters and DC-DC converters, DMS technologies can provide you with the ancillary products required to complete your electrical installation.


Chargers feature among our range of ancillaries
We can offer a range of voltages and currents to suit most battery applications…. More Info >


Available with various input and output voltages, perfect for remote or portable AC power…. More Info >

Low Voltage Disconnect

Low Voltage Disconnects help protect your batteries from over-discharge
Protecting batteries from damage through deep discharge by disconnecting loads…. More Info >

USB Chargers

5V outputs for phone & tablet charging…. More Info >

DC-DC Converters

DC-DC Converter
Covering a wide range of voltages and currents for a multitude of applications…. More Info >

Power Supplies

100W and 220W power supplies
100W & 220W Power Supplies suitable for many industrial applications…. More Info >